Network Activities and Network Golf




Network Meet-ups 2019


7 May Breakfast seminar at LF with lecture on climate change
18-21 May Network trip to Irland
18 May Network Golf at Bokskogen
22 August Network Match agains Halmstads GK i Halmstad
10 September Network Golf at Bokskogen
5 October Autumn Finale with golf, food and lecture
November Meet-up with Peter Hanson

Company Sponsor’s Network Golf


Every year we have a number of occasions where we arrange Network Golf.
We gather for lunch at noon and then we play 18 holes of golf. We have a cannon start at 13: 00-13: 30, ending with a smaller awards ceremony and a nice drink and a larger sandwich.

In August we also play the annual Network Match against Halmstads GK’s  network. A full day of matches, good food and networking. Played annually every two years on each track.

You can also host one of the Network Golf days, where you and your company showcase your business and have a great opportunity to promote yourselves.

Then we have the annual Autumn Finale with scramble, breakfast with lecture, three-course dinner and award ceremony on October 6.