Booking rules

this is how you book at Bokskogen
Booking phone: 040-40 69 00 or +46-40-40 69 00

Bookings are made

  • at the reception
  • online
  • by telephone

You can have four (4) simultaneous bookings of which two (2) can be weekends/holidays per course in our booking system.

You must register at the reception no later than 20 minutes before the scheduled start time!

Booking is required in

All days 08:00-16:00*

May – August:
Weekdays 08:00 – 17:00*
Weekend and Holidays 08:00 – 16:00

All days 08:00-16:00 *

* On Tuesdays bookings start at 09:00

October / 5 November:
All days 09:00 – 15:00
The rest of the time is drop-in.

General rules:

Starting intervals
Gamla banan 10 min (00.00 – 00.10 – 00.20 …)
Kungsbanan 10 min (00.05 – 00.15 – 00.25 …)

Advance bookings
Members: 360 days
Sponsor partners: 21 days
Guests: 21 days

Gamla Banan
– Members: Max 144 hcp in a four-ball.
– Guests: Official hcp required to play
Weekend – Official hcp required to play

Weekdays – Max 144 hcp in a four-ball.
Helg – Official hcp required to play before noon during the months of May, June, July and August.

Playing with free cards from, among others, GAF, SGA, PGA or introductory cards from Golfing Associations is allowed once per year, given that you let us know a few days in advance, otherwise these requests cannot be honored.

Dogs on the course?
We gladly welcome dogs on the courses; We only require they are in a leash and that their owners pick up whatever their loved ones might leave behind. Trash cans are available throughout the courses.