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Beginners course with membership!

Sweden’s most caring beginners classes are at Bokskogens GK – it never ends!
Course with membership 4 495 kr

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Vision 50/50 primarily focuses at inequalities, between men and women, in the conditions of participating in the sport as well as in non-profit or professional leadership. This is one of the examples where the outside world is heading in a clear direction, while in golfing it more or less stands still.

Golfing packages

We are proud to offer great hotel and golf packages together with several of Malmö’s finest hotels. Take the chance to enjoy excellent golf at the scenic Bokskogens Golf Club and then enjoy Malmö’s great range of activities, culture, night life, food and drinks.

Company Sponsor Pool at Bokskogen

Gamla banan


Gamla Banan (Old Course) have been liked by top golfers from around the world in several tournaments and after the renovation and rebuild of its greens it is now quite a bit harder and more challenging than before.



Kungsbanan with its slightly hilly course stretch constitutes an amazing scenic experience. On this course you play a bit faster but with the same high quality and finish as you’ve come to expected from Bokskogens Golf Club.

K47 - Golfing for the youngest kids between 4-7 years

Friends of Bokskogen GK

Bokskogens Golfklubb has a partner exchange with har a few select golf clubs. This exchange allows for great value green fees on the various clubs as well as some nice friendly competitions between the clus for both women, men and junior players.


Membership value

At Bokskogens GK you always get a lot of really great benefits as a member. To mention just one as a teaser, our members get great discounts at golf car rentals.


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Torupsvägen 408-140
233 64 Bara

Telefon reception: 040 – 40 69 00
Telefon restaurang: 040 – 630 88 09

Koordinater: 55 33.0533N, 13 13.7187E

    Bokskogens Golfklubb