Activities - Vision 50/50

1. Create alternatives to the competition context, which focuses on other values with golf, e.g. health, exercise, nature experience, socializing and joy
Inspiration day – in collaboration with the Ladies Committee in 2016 and 2017. Personal invitation to the club’s girls / women with lecture, workout and 9 holes of nice golf.

Golf games during activities with Vision 50/50 are usually not in competition, but rather to create alternatives to the competition and just play socially.

2. Make it easier for members to find golf buddies / counter anonymity at the club
Welcome letter – where the club’s activities are described, is sent to new members.

Golf buddies – personalized mailing every year to all members who want to find someone to play with. Annual meeting with coffee and 9 holes of board games.

Individual presentation of staff with name and picture on the website.

Sponsor system – beginner / player with hcp 30+ personal invitation to training from the club / Active Golf and recurring 9-hole rounds with a sponsor. Sponsorship is an important link when introducing new members to the golf club.

Game and activity calendar – the website has replaced the traditional competition program.

Review of the clubhouse environment – new motifs on boards, chairs and prize cabinets moved, nice plants in and around the clubhouse.

Bokskogen 20-40 years – Facebook page for the younger, who wants to make connections at the club with members of the same age.

3. Promote more mixed game activities with women and men together
Hectometer tee – produced information around the choice of tee for a better playing  experience and recommendation based on strike distance in connection with the introduction of hectometer tee on Kungsbanan.

Mixed games – the Women’s Committee now invites you to mixed sunshine golf on certain Mondays and mixed Sundays on certain Sundays.

Mix Golf – social game, 9 holes on Thursday nights, all members invited via Weekly News.

4. Find less time-consuming ways to practice golf
9 holes – Golf games during activities with Vision 50/50 are usually 9 holes instead of 18, to promote less time-consuming golf.
5. Facilitate for parents to combine golf with children
6. Make women / girls more visible at the club
Pictures of women in Weekly News.

Storytelling about women at the club on Facebook.

7. Invest in more and cleaner restrooms on the courts
Investment in three new restroom facilities in 2017.
8. Work to get more women in the staff in addition to the current staffing
9. Communicate that Bokskogens GK works with gender equality within Vision 50/50
Seminar on gender equality – during Annika Invitaional Europe 2016 in collaboration with the Swedish Golf Association. Targeting girls 15-25 years. Participants from, but not limited to, Svedala and Malmö municipalities, the Swedish Golf Association, Bokskogen’s business partners, own members and from the pilot clubs Barsebäck and Allerum.

Information about Vision 50/50 – at board and member meetings, at meetings with committees and business partners.

Members’ Meetings – About Equality, Inclusion and Vision 50/50. Worked out value basis adopted by the autumn meeting in 2017. Collected proposals for development.

Gomorron Sverige – SVT (Swedish Television) drew attention to golf equality work in the spring of 2017 when SGF (Swedish Golf Association) chairman Maria Möller and Bokskogen’s vice chairman Ann-Christine Halén visited the morning show.

Training – of staff, elected representatives and nonprofits in the Club Development Program Vision 50/50. Gender and gender equality in the golf culture, the message in Vision 50/50 and the club’s value foundation

Inclusion film – “The Power of Sport Visits Bokskogen”. Bokskogens GK starred in film on the theme of sport as the inclusive force in autumn 2018.

50/50 ambassadors – four members are appointed ambassadors for Vision 50/50 – Thomas Olin, Marianne Ekner, Leif Kihlén and Julli Jarlsbo.

The foundation of values ​​- roll-up with the message “Equalized golf club” and the values ​​”Joy, Community, Honesty, Respect and Development” at the reception desk. Prepared brochure with “cheat sheet” for Bokskogen’s 50/50 work.

Did you know – recurring information in Weekly News, on Facebook and LinkedIn about Vision 50/50.

10. Recruitment of women / girls to the club. – pilot club in autumn 2016 for golf course without focus on green card.

Try-golfing-for-girls – up to 30 years in summer 2017.

Greenqueens – golf for women 22-39 years, cooperation with events / training at Bokskogen for golfers in Scania.