Course development

The Course Development Team will work to ensure Bokskogens GK’s high standards by providing the Board with recommendations, advice and support regarding the status and development of the facility.

The Course Development Group (BUG) consists of:
Peter Hanson
Lalle Olsén
Anna Knutsson Norrlén
Björn Larsson (course manager)
Peder Thott
Carin Bergdahl
Ann-Christine Halén

Also present at the meetings are; Peter Chamberlein (Architect), Fredrik Tillgren (Head Pro), Peter Kollert (Chairman) and Thomas Ahlberg (Club Manager). Feel free to contact the Course Development Team with comments and advice on how the courses and the facility can be improved and further developed by e-mail to


Bokskogens GK will offer an attractive and challenging golfing experience for members, sponsors and guests regardless of their handicap, and be on par with, or better than, identified competitors in the region.



Bokskogens GK will be one of the clubs with the best golfing in the region. The courses, the driving range and the training areas should thus have the layout, quality and finish required to fulfill this. This objective requires detailed development plans that in the long term promote a good development of the facilities as well as maintenance plans for maintenance and care of the facility that meet this objective.



The Course Development Group shall:
– be a resource to the Board.
– hire external professional expertise if necessary.
– provide the Board with recommendations, advice and support for decisions regarding the facility and its development.


The Course Development Group shall…

at a strategic level be responsible for

– that the plant has a long-term development plan that sets detailed qualitative goals well in line with the outside world.
– that this development plan covers all the area that Bokskogens GK leases or owns, and includes all development of the courses such as layout, bunker placement, irrigation, drainage plans, etc.

The Course Development Group shall…

at a  tactical level, in collaboration with the course manager, be responsible for

– creating plans for cutting layouts, finishes, tree plantings and maintenance plans
– creating plans for adjustments and improvements to the existing facility such as, for example, relocation of bunkers, paths, etc.
– ensuring that investment budgets and schedules are prepared for major projects as well as for minor adjustments and improvements for presentation to the Board. The Board decides whether these are to be proposed for decisions at member meetings.
– supporting the course manager for an investment budget and schedules for the machinery park.

The Course Development Group shall…

on an operative level be responsible for

– evaluation of, and report to the Board, how the plans are complied to.

The Course Development Group shall

– annually revise the long-term development plan.
– annually review the plans for cutting layouts, finishes, tree plantings and maintenance plans
– draw up an annual business plan as a basis for the Board’s business plan, which must be submitted to the Board for approval by September at the latest.
– by the end of February, prepare and submit the annual report to be included in the Board of Directors’ report
– if necessary, co-opt the club manager for their meetings
– request funds from the Board to be able to carry out investigations, projects, etc.
– keeping notes at meetings and reporting the activities to the Board and the club manager.
– consist of the landowner, branch manager, Head Pro, board member, non-profit / member and at least one female member (members elected for a maximum of 2 years).
– aim to meet 3 – 5 times / year

Long-term plans at Bokskogens GK

Below you can download PDFs with detailed long-term plans for Bokskogens GK’s both courses.

Long-term plans for Kungsbanan

Reviderad plan Kungsbanan från Årsmöte 2022

Long-term plans for Gamla Banan