Member host


  • strive to create a club spirit among the members that brings both increased community and greater consideration
  • in accordance with the business plan, promote a welcoming atmosphere, caring for the members, activities that increasingly appeal to women and increased well-being at the club.
  • special responsibility for the welcome and contact between new members and other members of the club


  • Membership hosts can be 2-4 in number
  • The member hosts are appointed by the Board
  • The member hosts support the club manager’s work and report to the club manager

Member hosts shall

  • be club contacts for members
  • follow up new members from an activity perspective
  • carry out member activities
  • carry out member recruitment activities
  • participate in weekly news and other member communications
  • keep member pages on the club web updated
  • assist with other duties to the Club Manager
  • organize golf games and other activities to introduce newcomers and / or less experienced members, alternatively those who want to play but do not compete in the club
  • continuously, and in consultation with the restaurateur, monitor the development opportunities in the clubhouse and propose measures to create an increased club spirit
  • together with the club manager organize and lead the business with golf hosts
  • submit information about the activities to the Board and the Club Manager
  • submit to the Board, no later than September last, a business plan, budget and annual report
  • prepare and submit, by the latest February, the annual report to be included in the Board of Directors’ report
  • Implement
    • golf training in groups for members with 28+ in hcp at 2-4 times a year with the opportunity to include the boys/juniors at the same time
    • club nights and other gatherings for all members in consultation with, but not limited to, the restaurateur
    • plan, design and implement the Club’s Day on June 6.
      transforming the competition Two Generations (July 10) into a family day where there’s room for fun family activities, eg. pic-nic, quiz, strollers, dogs on the track, alongside the competition