Membership values

Below you can see all the benefits you really get as a member of Bokskogens Golfklubb, both in terms of money and in “soft values”!

You get:

  • Two 18-hole courses in top class, of which Gamla Banan is in the top 25 in Sweden according to Golf Digest 2015.
  • Very good availability on both courses and you can book 90 days in advance online, on the phone and in our on-site terminals!
  • Free access to our practice course and practice area where you play on 10 holes!
  • Sweden’s most Junior-friendly club – A family club with a great focus on Juniors and Elite!
  • A club with high ambition for gender equality in golf – one of SGF’s Pilot clubs in the 50/50 project
  • Continous information via our Website and in weekly letters delivered straight in your mailbox!
  • According to a survey in Red Tee – the best Golf Restaurant with Sweden’s (?) longest opening hours!
  • Golf shop with a very wide range of products and competitive prices!
  • Reception with generous opening hours – 7 days a week!
  • Many golf cars at your disposal – bargain membership prices when presenting medical certificates!
  • Large selection of competitions and tournaments within the club and together with our partner clubs!
  • Various events with competitions and good food under the auspices of the club!
  • Golf hosts with service throughout the season!
  • Committed employees of the club – for the best service to you!
  • Better golfing with focus on your game – with the help of our PGA instructors at Bokskogen Golf Academy!
  • A club with a strong focus on our environmental program for a green environment!
  • Green fee discounts for your friends accompanying you – differentiated discount on both courses!
  • Carefully selected friend clubs where Bokskogen’s members play with reduced green fees
    • Sweden (most of the 50 best according to Golf Digest ranking): Barsebäck, Ljunghusen, Kristianstad, Mölle, Båstad, Elisefarm, Österlen and Vasatorp.
    • Denmark: Mön GC, Köge GK, Aalborg GC, Silkeborg Ry GK, Esbjerg GK, Köpenhamns GK
    • Other countries: Killarney Golf & Fishing Club in Ireland, Golf Park Strelasund in Germany, Estonian GC in Estonia
    • Top Nordic, exclusive exchange with free play at 16 different clubs in the Nordic countries.
  • And last but certainly not least – a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere