Vision 50/50


A long-term change effort to increase the attractiveness of our sport in groups we do not attract today.

Bokskogens Golfklubb works for more women and girls in golf. Through gender equality work, the club wants to make golf more attractive to women and girls and thus offer a life-long sport that involves development, wellness and the experience of nature. The work aims to change the golf culture and welcome members in a more open environment with the pleasure of golfing in focus. As a pilot club, Bokskogens Golfklubb has contributed to the Swedish Golf Association developing a digital education for gender equality, which employees and nonprofits at the club go through. Through the training, more golf clubs can start gender equality work and modernize golf together.

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Activities - Vision 50/50

Bokskogens GK has developed ten activities to work on over the next two years to meet the development of the 50/50 vision.

Goal and Vision

In the first step, Vision 50/50 aims at inequalities between men and women’s ability to practice the game and non-profit and professional leadership.


Why does Bokskogens GK really work with Vision 50/50? Here you will find answers to 10 questions about Vision 50/50.

Club development

Knowledge is required to work with gender equality. We use the club development program Vision 50/50 to train staff and nonprofits.

Swedish Golf Association and Vision 50/50

We want to be a role model in Sports Sweden. Then we not only get new friends, new practitioners and a unique position for golf – we also ensure that golf is in tune with contemporary values and is relevant to the next generation. The clubs that take this opportunity will be the winners tomorrow.

The entire sports movement has problems adapting to changes in the world, including golf. With Vision 50/50 we want to ensure that we are relevant to golfers and potential golfers. If we can show that change is possible, we believe that the entire sports movement will gain from it.

Golfing should be open to everyone – it may seem obvious, but if we shift the perspective to that golf should be attractive to everyone, then the target audience get to decide whether golf is attractive or not.

Vision 50/50 in the media

During 2016-2018 the Bokskogens GK’s work with Vision 50/50 have gained a log of attention in the media.

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